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Sensei Henrie

3rd Degree Black Belt

Ambassador of the Arts

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Sensei Henrie has been a student of martial arts since 1973, earning his first black belt in 1979.

Sensei Henrie is a “close quarter open hand combat” instructor perhaps best known for his work in sexual assault prevention.

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Coach Dan

 Sparring Instructor

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Coach Dan is our sparring expert and teaches tactics to our students. As a former amateur boxing champion he brings years of experience to the dojo. Dan is also a retired teacher and knows how to encourage kids!

Sensei Matt

Black Belt Instructor

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Sensei Matt is a college student, and working towards his next belt ranking.  He brings nine years of Kenpo Karate experience to the club and is considered by all parents and students to be a kind, gentle and soft spoken always encouraging students to give their best.

Sensei Claudine

1st Degree Black Belt

Head Instructor

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Sensei Claudine has been an IMMAF Kenpo practitioner for 9 years. Besides her 1st Degree Black Belt in Kenpo, she also holds a 1st Degree Black Belt in Kyusho, and a 1st Degree in Tae Kwon Do. Sensei Claudine is a happily married mother of two teens and continues practicing the art of Kenpo.

Wallaceburg Martial Arts only has Adult Black Belt instructors, we also have an awesome support group just waiting to give a hand. Pictured below is a club salute photo for our Grand Master Frank Trejo, and in the middle of the picture, is IMMAF Co-Founder, Professor Steve Stewart - the highest ranked Kenpo Black Belt in Canada.

Professor Stewart is also a Grand Master in Kyusho - a painful and exacting science of manipulating the human body.

Twice a year, our students and instructors have the opportunity to study under visiting Masters of the Art, all of whom can be contacted if we need support.

Our annual Black Belt examinations are held in London once a year in June.  A three day affair testing endurance, techniques, forms and weapons.  We were proud to have 7 WMA members graduate to a new belt in 2016.

Sensei Andrew

1st Degree Black Belt

Black Belt Instructor

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Sensei Andrew has earned a great reputation as a force to be reckoned with in sparring and weapons.

He has studied 9 years under the guidance of Professor Sebastian Snow and has been an instructor for over 2 years.

Sensei Andrew is a motivator of self confidence for our students.

Sensei Gabriel

Black Belt Instructor

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Sensei Gabriel, the youngest certified Black Belt instructor on our team has been studying Martial arts for over 9 years.

She is an excellent instructor focused on body mechanics, and the technical aspects of karate. Sensei Gabby is also a great inspiration to our younger female students!